Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

To-Do’s for “I Do!”

Your first kiss is the most intimate moment of the ceremony, and your photos should reflect that. Whether your officiant is a priest, rabbi, officer of the court, or a family friend, have them step off to the side when they pronounce you as married. This allows your photographers to capture the first kiss of your marriage with just the two of you, unobstructed and without an unintentional photo-bomb.

Did you catch that I referenced your photographers above? Simply put, it takes two to capture your wedding ceremony. Think about it, you will want images of your entrance to the ceremony and your walk down the aisle; but you’ll also want to see your fiancés reaction as they see you for the first time! Two photographers may not be in everyone’s budget for the full day of celebrations, but it’s worth the room in the budget for your vows.

There will be many things that revolve around you on your wedding day, the weather is not one of them. Your heart may be set on the sun shining down perfectly on you and your fiancé as you exchange vows, but the reality is, it may not work out that way. Hopefully you’ll never need to implement your plan B, but having a back-up plan is the best insurance for not letting mother nature keep you from walking down the aisle. Does your venue have an indoor ceremony option? If so, how long before your scheduled ceremony start do you need to make the decision to opt in for plan B? Even an indoor ceremony can be affected by the weather. Will your guests have a place to go if the weather does not permit outdoor pre-ceremony gathering? Is there a coat check, or place for umbrellas? Whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors, chances are, you’ve planned for your post-ceremony photos to be outside. Consider indoor photo options, and if rain or snow is in the forecast, come prepared with practical props in your wedding theme to embrace the weather!

Take a deep breath. Everything went right and your wedding ceremony was a success if by the end, you and your fiancé have said I Do, and are married! Even if a small detail is out of place or a major element is missing, the chances are your guests won’t know the difference & in the grand scheme of things, it truly doesn’t matter.

The ceremony is what it is all about! This is the reason why you are gathering your closest family and friends to witness as you and your soon-to-be spouse exchange vows and declare your commitment to each other. Your ceremony is just a fraction of time in your entire wedding day, and yet it is those precious moments that should be handled with the most care and attention. Event for the savviest of DIY wedding couples need someone to get them down the aisle. Rehearsal & Ceremony Coordination is the simplest way to guarantee your wedding ceremony is beautifully orchestrated to your taste and your marriage begins on a note of perfection.

Jessica Nielson