Who’s on the List?

Run your Guest List, don't let it run you!

The Guest List is an element of any celebration that instantly takes on a life of it’s own.

The biggest pro to guest list management is the financial savings. Regardless if you’re budgeting for $50 per person or $250 per person; whether it’s a difference of ten guests or fifty guests, every guest counts towards your total dollar amount! The key is to be respectful of your budget by managing your guest list! Here are some simple tips to implement.

Leave it up to your A, B, C’s. Start by organizing your guest list and ranking your guests as A (non-negotiable), B (maybe), or C (reserves). Seeing your guests categorized will make the daunting tasks of deciding on who gets an invite that much easier.

Have an Adult Only celebration. Managing your guest list is difficult enough without having children in the mix. Although the cost per child is generally less than the adults, there are many instances where regardless of age, the per person cost will be the same. Everyone deserves a night off and everyone loves a wedding! You’re giving your guests the perfect opportunity to be present, enjoy themselves and celebrate your most special day.

Limit the plus ones. Your wedding is not the place for a first date, and it definitely shouldn’t be on your dime. Unless your invited guest is married, engaged or in a long-term relationship lingering in that pre-engagement stage, their invitation should be good for one person only.

Your wedding is not required to double as a family reunion. Obviously family will be gathering together for your celebration, but your wedding is not an opportunity to bring the entire extended family for the past three generations together. Remember, per person costs!

The “Friend Zone”.  Whether A, B or C, how do you determine which friends have a spot on your guest list? Yes, they’re you’re friends, but are they close enough to you to be sent an invitation to share in your big day? When was the last time you actually spoke to each other? (Liking each other’s social media posts every few months doesn’t count). How close to them are you really, has your fiancé ever heard you mention them before? Do not feel obligated to invite someone simply because you would feel guilty if you didn’t.

Company Policy.  When it comes to your colleagues it is easy to feel the need to extend an invitation. It’s up to you to be diplomatic with their placement on your guest list. Think about who you want to be surrounded by when you say, “I do,” are they one of them? They may not end up on your A list, or any list for that matter. It’s nothing personal.

Some will not make the list.  Regardless if you abide by all of the above, only a few or even none, there will always be people that will not receive an invitation. Anyone that has an issue with not making the guest list honestly should not be at your wedding in the first place. This is your wedding! This is the day you and your fiancé say yes to forever, your family and friends should not put you in a position to have to explain and justify your wedding guest list. Remember, your day, your way, especially when you pay!

Jessica Nielson