A Tasteful Menu

Ideas to chew on

Whether your wedding will be a casual celebration or a formal affair; choosing a menu to satisfy your tastes as the wedding couple & the appetite of your guests can seem impossible. Consider these eight palatable options…

 1. CHARCUTERIE. A well put together cheese plate adorned with an assortment breads, crackers, meats, fruits and nuts will always be a stunning hit with guests at any celebration.

2. SLIDERS. Whether beef, turkey, vegan or seafood…everybody loves a mini version of their favorite burger.

3. BACON WRAPPED – ANYTHING! Need I say more? Whether paired with another savory dish or with a something on the sweeter side, bacon never disappoints.

4. CHIPS & SALSA. Fresh, flavorful and a favorite at any cocktail hour. Providing different salsas with varying heat levels and tastes will provide a spicy kick to your menu.

5. DONUTS. Who’s heart doesn’t skip a beat when their eyes catch a glimpse of the fluffy fried dough iced and covered in sweet deliciousness? Guests of all ages will enjoy any variation of this sugary delight.

6. MEATBALLS. A perfect protein with a versatile presentation. Maybe dressed in marinara and wrapped in basil and topped with mozzarella. Consider meatballs dipped in a barbecue or buffalo sauce, or even panko crusted or rubbed in a chile-lime seasoning. Let’s not forget our savory friend from above, bacon! Imagine your brunch celebration with meatballs and maple syrup or even dipped and fried in pancake batter!

7. FRESH FRUIT & CHOCOLATE. Let’s be honest, chocolate covered anything is delicious, but something about fresh fruit coated in a variety of chocolates is a decadent combination of natures sweet wonders. Whether your wedding is a formal affair or casual celebration, chocolate covered fruits are an amazing addition to any menu.

8. EGG ROLLS. Whether traditional egg rolls or a fusion of flavors like southwestern or Cajun. The often fried, but sometimes baked mini wraps of meat, veggies and more are a perfect way to keep your menu one that is favored by guests and enjoyable to all.

Jessica Nielson