The Engagement Eight

After Yes...

1.  CHERISH & CELEBRATE. The excitement of your engagement will be overwhelming in the most amazing of ways! Don’t get swept up in the whirlwind too quickly. Enjoy this momentous time in your relationship and the beginning of this new chapter in your lives! Relish in the sparkle of your new ring. Relive the moment as often as you can and in as much detail as you can with each other!

2.  SHARE. Let your closest family and friends know the amazing news. Get as personal as you can, whether face-to-face or over the phone. Save your social media announcement and the almost mandatory ring selfie for after you and your fiancé have been able to share the news with your nearest and dearest.

3.  BUDGET. Before you can realistically start planning and making detailed decisions, you need to decide on how much you can afford to spend and are willing to spend.

4.  THE SEASON/DATE. Deciding on when you will get married is an essential piece of the wedding planning puzzle. After the inevitable demand by friends, family and even strangers to see the ring, the next question will be some variation of, “when’s the big day?”, so prepare yourselves now! Whether you have a specific date in mind which has symbolic or personal significance; or you’ve always imagined getting married in a specific season, identify your when so that you can move forward in the planning process.

5.  KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW. Perhaps you have dreamed of your wedding since childhood. Maybe you’ve only been able to envision your special day since you met your fiancé. Regardless, you have some ideas about your wedding details and the elements of your celebration that are non-negotiable. Having an understanding of what you both know you want out of your special day early in the process is the best way to bring your dream wedding to reality.

6.  THE LOCALE. Where you want to exchange vows is an important detail as it sets the tone for your celebration and in many instances will influence your wedding design and style. This is not a decision on venue, but a choice on the city, state, region or even country.

7.  GUESTS. Know your numbers! Draft your guest list early as it will be a key piece of information throughout all of the planning and decision making. Many components of your wedding are based on guest count: tables, chairs, food, cake, drinks, invitations, venue, etc. Check out Who’s on the List? for tips on how to plan and decide on who to invite.

8.  GET PROFESSIONAL. Hire a wedding planner. It is one day and no matter how long your celebration is, your wedding will never feel long enough. Allow yourselves to enjoy every moment of your special day. Keep your stress levels low, and keep the excitement of your engagement and the romance of your wedding high! It is your wedding and the start to your marriage, invest in yourselves and partner with PLAN PREP PARTY.