Celebrate Big, Spend Small

 Save on Wedding Spending

1.  Manage your guest count and keep your invite list as small as possible. It’s simple math, the fewer guests you have, the lower the cost.

2.  Choose your date wisely. Keep your budget protected by avoiding Saturday’s and the peak season months (May – October, depending on location) which tend to have higher minimums and premiums attached to them.

3.  Select a smaller group as your wedding party. There is higher cost in numbers, keep your wedding party intimate.

4.  Prioritize the elements of your wedding. Distinguish the top three most important aspects of your celebration & also identify which three fall at the bottom of your priority list. You should allocate more of your budget to the higher ranking components.

5.  Seasonal Choices. Choose wedding florals that are in-season and locally grown to avoid higher costs.

6.  Less is More, when it comes to savings! Opt for three appetizers instead of six; host the bar for a portion of the celebration instead of the duration.

7.  Have alternating centerpieces. Create dimension in your reception space by having a simpler, more cost-effective centerpiece on half of the tables and a centerpiece that creates more of a statement on the other half.

8.  Have your dream wedding cake, and eat it too (just smaller)! Imagine a beautiful cutting cake displayed for your celebration and placed perfectly for photos; all the while having delicious sheet cakes stored in the kitchen to be served to your guests at the perfect moment. A sweet way to save some dough!

9.  Decor double-duty. Have your ceremony floral and bridesmaids bouquets double as decor for your reception (Cake Table, Check-In Table, Bar, Head Table, etc).

10.  Get married now & party later! Simply put, Elope!  You can have a beautifully romantic ceremony that is modest and focuses on what’s most important, you and your fiancé. Sometime after your vows, host a causal celebration with a degree of formality you and your new spouse are comfortable with. Cocktails, appetizers and some music, that’s all you’ll need to celebrate your new marriage with your friends and family.

We help you handle all of the important aspects of your dream celebration.

Jessica Nielson